The Unit

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In 2005 I traded my 1975 Camaro to a high school kid for the Silver Unit, when I got the Silver Unit it was multiple colors and had shoe polish on that back glass that like to never come off. I did a small motor build, put a small shot of nitrous to it and with the help of my brothers we painted the Silver Unit flat black primer and laid out some perfect racing stripes with gray primer, I then went hunting for some action. That is when I met David Comstock, we started hanging out, and I was learning more and more about cars he helped me build several motors he helped me back half the Silver Unit and do lots of other upgrades to make the Silver Unit what it is today. The Silver Unit is now a very consistent working street raced car that has a 704 CI BBC Haltech fuel injection with Induction Solutions dry foggers, Magnafuel fuel system, Moser M9 9inch rear end with Moser 4 link and a Freakshow Performance Powerglide transmission.

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